Like a joke...

Questions of legitimacy

A peculiar device made out of a mysterious material leads its possessors into a nightmare approximation of what might have been. Triggered by attempting to chemically analyzing the material the device is fashioned from, seemed to cause sickness in awakened beings, and an eerie vanishing for anyone else.

Seeing an alternate world where the Great War was the last and only World War and the Korean and Vietnam wars never happened and reveals some of the the hidden workings outside groups that manipulate the fate of everyone on the planet. It isn’t just the Byzantine politics of the Kindred courts that undermine humanities progress, bot an even wider assortment of competing factions then anyone had realized. Secret societies of immortal sorcerers, ancient cabals of witches and shape shifters beyond description all vie for control of desperate cities loosely bound together in some semblance of an organized political structure.


ManusNigrum ManusNigrum

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