Charles White

The infamous Autaurkis Charles White has been lurking around the Houston area for the better part of a decade. He originally was a Tremere in good standing with the clan however his habit of Diablerie and his interest in Infernalism become to much the Tremere to tolerate. Especially in a city where the Tremere Lord is also a Rabbi.

Charles White was a rising star in the clan at one point. Initially he was recruited by his sire, Silke because of his ability to surround himself with large numbers of devote followers, mostly women. Much of his status within the clan came from instructing apprentices of other Tremere. His ability to empathize with his students lead to a great talent for teaching. Most of the ghouls being groomed for the embraced, between 1990 and 2000 received instruction under his care.

White had left Houston briefly at the end of 2001, when he returned a year later he became embroiled in an obsessive search for The Bible and the Crucifix. These items were already being sought after by others in the city, among them the Tremere Lana, and Jacob, the Malkavian Tristan and the Brujah Lenny. The others ostensibly had sought the find the items and either destroy them or hide them away. White publicly announced the status of his allegiance in the cities Elysium, by attempting to kill the Brujah Primogen.

After laying the ambush for Lenny, he vanished.

Charles White

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