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Individual Preludes are coming together.

So far two of the individual prelude games have become conjoined, construction of the wiki is continuing and we are nearing the beginning of the of the actual chronicle. Once the game has actually begun, these older adventure logs will be closed and no longer accessible to the player group as a whole. These are meant largely to keep myself motivated and to allow for players involved in the preludes to keep track of whats going on.

Recently I had set a start date of early June. With the progress made so far, this is not going to occur. The game may begin by mid August, however a more realistic starting date would be much later. As the August start date is perilously close to the beginning of the Texas Renaissance Festival, should the start date go beyond the Mid August start time, the beginning of the prelude would be postponed until after the Festival ends in November, traditionally all games are suspended during the month of December and normally I would be inclined to do this this years as well, however I am very eager to begin.

Please tame a few moments to look over the wiki. You will find the wiki main page to the left of the screen. After you have looked over it, it would be very helpful to recieve some feedback concerning it. Things that you would like articles on, things that need more explanation etc…

Building a more realistic Timeline

Initially I just wanted to add a wiki that allowed players to look at details more closely. A few days ago I began on working on a timeline. The intent of the timeline is to allow players to see game events in contrast to real world events. I’ve been taking little pieces of the timeline from Wikipedia, so these are actually things that happen. The timeline will not be entirely visible in the begging, at the beginning of the game the only thing that will be visible are the real world events. Other events are hidden in the GM Only section, that I can insert into the page once players well have found access to the information in game.

I am also beginning to flesh out the NPC pages and I added the first bio this evening. I will begin adding additional information as pregame preparations continue.

Pregame preparations continue.

The Pregame show has continued along fairly well. The basics of the wiki have been laid out and character prelude stories have been almost completed. I will be looking for ideas on pages to write additional details on. What I want to accomplish is to begin creating a body of work that can be referenced at a later date that can serve as a central reference point. Some of the entries well contain information on reserve that I can release at a later date. That is, the entry well say one thing that is publicly visible with additional information in a “GM Only” section of the wiki. Some of that may be notes for myself. Things like, “Leeroy Jenkins killed the Prince of LA.” or “Leeroy Jenkins is a Sabbat infiltrator.” Sometimes the difference

Wiki Still under construction

Backgrounds continue as does the creation of the Wiki. Currently a good deal of even basic details have yet to be mapped out. Today I will be adding characters from the campaign that have already been introduced.

Backgrounds continue

After a six month hiatus, we are finally continuing with character backgrounds. Currently, the game underway concerns how a divergent group, of mostly ghouls, come into initial contact with one another. It details their travels to the Houston area and their previous involvement in other cities.

During this initial phase, character backgrounds are being established that illustrate relationships with important NPC’s in the Houston areas, but also in numerous other cities as well. It also helps me flesh out the NPC’s themselves, and to establish precedent for a viable, and more importantly believably nuanced political arena.

I look forward to finishing up the rest of these prelude campaigns over the next few months. I hope to begin the mainline campaign this summer. I am aiming for July at the moment.



If you’re reading this you may be previewing the page before the game has even begun, but by the time I have got to this point I already have an extensive amount of information generated about the story-line, at the moment I am just getting everything organized. The game hasn’t begun yet, everything is still in the process to being generated. The fun part of using Obsidian Portal is that I cane generate massive amounts of information for the players to review once they discover a particular NPC, item or place, that item can have extensive history revealed in game. Sometimes that history is relevant, sometimes its not.

Typically when one is playing a character in a World of Darkness game, you’re playing a vampire, werewolf, or other such powerful creature. These are the powerhouses of the World of Darkness, the vampires who have controlled to powered elite of humanity for centuries, the shapeshifters who protect the few wild places left in the world. These stories are almost entirely about politics or the adventures and heroism of a fighting towards what will be the tragic and inevitable end of the world. In this case, the players will be playing through what amounts to servants of greater powers. We find these ground level players have their own intrigues, their own subterfuges, they are every bit as conniving and self serving as their supposed masters are.

Ghouls have but only a fraction of the powers their Kindred masters have but theirs is the world of daylight. Their actions during the day are what ensure their masters continued power throughout eternity. Some ghouls do it for the hopes of one day recieving the embrace, some do it for the sheer thrill of having power over their fellow men.


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