Like a joke...

Individual Preludes are coming together.

So far two of the individual prelude games have become conjoined, construction of the wiki is continuing and we are nearing the beginning of the of the actual chronicle. Once the game has actually begun, these older adventure logs will be closed and no longer accessible to the player group as a whole. These are meant largely to keep myself motivated and to allow for players involved in the preludes to keep track of whats going on.

Recently I had set a start date of early June. With the progress made so far, this is not going to occur. The game may begin by mid August, however a more realistic starting date would be much later. As the August start date is perilously close to the beginning of the Texas Renaissance Festival, should the start date go beyond the Mid August start time, the beginning of the prelude would be postponed until after the Festival ends in November, traditionally all games are suspended during the month of December and normally I would be inclined to do this this years as well, however I am very eager to begin.

Please tame a few moments to look over the wiki. You will find the wiki main page to the left of the screen. After you have looked over it, it would be very helpful to recieve some feedback concerning it. Things that you would like articles on, things that need more explanation etc…

Main Page


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