Like a joke...



If you’re reading this you may be previewing the page before the game has even begun, but by the time I have got to this point I already have an extensive amount of information generated about the story-line, at the moment I am just getting everything organized. The game hasn’t begun yet, everything is still in the process to being generated. The fun part of using Obsidian Portal is that I cane generate massive amounts of information for the players to review once they discover a particular NPC, item or place, that item can have extensive history revealed in game. Sometimes that history is relevant, sometimes its not.

Typically when one is playing a character in a World of Darkness game, you’re playing a vampire, werewolf, or other such powerful creature. These are the powerhouses of the World of Darkness, the vampires who have controlled to powered elite of humanity for centuries, the shapeshifters who protect the few wild places left in the world. These stories are almost entirely about politics or the adventures and heroism of a fighting towards what will be the tragic and inevitable end of the world. In this case, the players will be playing through what amounts to servants of greater powers. We find these ground level players have their own intrigues, their own subterfuges, they are every bit as conniving and self serving as their supposed masters are.

Ghouls have but only a fraction of the powers their Kindred masters have but theirs is the world of daylight. Their actions during the day are what ensure their masters continued power throughout eternity. Some ghouls do it for the hopes of one day recieving the embrace, some do it for the sheer thrill of having power over their fellow men.


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