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Introducing #78
Clayton Daniels

After escaping the lab and tracking down the location of the secret warehouse the equipment was moved to it became apparent the lab was tied to a company called D.N.A – Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated, a genetics treatment company that specializes inn genetic engineering, and mapping the human genome. Their exact relationship

Questions of legitimacy

A peculiar device made out of a mysterious material leads its possessors into a nightmare approximation of what might have been. Attempting to chemically analyze the material that the device is fashioned from seemed to cause sickness in awakened beings; anyone else eerily vanishes.
Seeing an alternate world where the Great War was the last and only world war and the Korean and Vietnam wars never happened reveals some of the hidden workings of outside groups that manipulate the fate of the planet. It isn’t just the Byzantine politics of the Kindred courts that undermine humanity’s progress, but an assortment of competing factions: secret societies of possibly immortal sorcerers and ancient cabals of witches seem to have influence over the University of Houston; while werewolves are virtually non-existent in the immediate area, shape-shifters beyond description vie for control; vampire clans seem to be structured differently, and so the Camarilla Court defies convention. Cities are desperate territories, loosely bound together in a semblance of an organized political structure.
Not all these competing factions are local. At least one mortal sorcerer, Juan Pablo, is strongly tied to Mexico City and the Medellin Cartel. He remains on the FBI Most Wanted list and continually frustrates law enforcement’s attempts to catch him: in spite of being tracked across the southern United States for years, he’s somehow traveled unfettered and has thus far avoided apprehension.

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New beginnings...

There is a cold war conflict between Houston’s Kindred and Garou population’s that has held an uneasy truce since the late 90’s. This crumbeling truce was the result of a nationwide ceasefire declared after the end of the conflict known as the Chicago incident, but the possibility of more joint actions by the lupines calling themselves the Black Spiral Dancers and their Sabbat allies once again jeopardize this ceasefire. The fallen, outcast Garou have been recruiting heavily from the Houston area’s disaffected cubs.

Pasadena, a normally unruly portion of the greater Houston domain have quited down after Orion, the new Gangrel Sheriff, seemingly tamed the area. For decades it was an almost constant battleground between the Camarilla, the Sabbat, Anarchs, and others, but after rounding up numerous thin bloods and Caitiff castoffs, wayward kindred who would have been easy recruitment targets, Orions efforts have not went unrewarded. In recent months Orion has taken the thinbloods under his tutelage and have withdrawn from the cities court. The group has become unusually isolationist and all of his new inductees have all but refused almost any contact with the wider Camarilla court, bothering with presentation only when accompanied by Orion himself. In the span of the few months, of the sheriffs de facto absence numerous attacks, many thought to be of Sabbat activity, have went unanswered.

The Price struggles with a court that does not respect him, but does not wish him replaced either. Prince De Falcon would be considered a neophyte in European cities, but achieved the Princedom through cunning opportunism and faithful support of the Primogen council, but his childish antics have not won him any friends. He came to power by way of Seneschal. His connection to gis families company, De Falcon Industries, had made him both to useful for the cities security to not utilize and to powerful to ignore. Maximus De Falcon served as Seneschal under three different Princes, and turned down the Princedom three times, after each of his predecessors were either killed or vanished.

Recently, someone claiming to be the Brujah primogen, and regent of the University of Houston domain has returned after being seemingly murdered by something that can only be described as a demon, in open witness of numerous members of the court. Thus far, no one has dared move against him, and the Prince seems to have welcomed him like a prodigal son.

Individual Preludes are coming together.

So far two of the individual prelude games have become conjoined, construction of the wiki is continuing and we are nearing the beginning of the of the actual chronicle. Once the game has actually begun, these older adventure logs will be closed and no longer accessible to the player group as a whole. These are meant largely to keep myself motivated and to allow for players involved in the preludes to keep track of whats going on.

Recently I had set a start date of early June. With the progress made so far, this is not going to occur. The game may begin by mid August, however a more realistic starting date would be much later. As the August start date is perilously close to the beginning of the Texas Renaissance Festival, should the start date go beyond the Mid August start time, the beginning of the prelude would be postponed until after the Festival ends in November, traditionally all games are suspended during the month of December and normally I would be inclined to do this this years as well, however I am very eager to begin.

Please tame a few moments to look over the wiki. You will find the wiki main page to the left of the screen. After you have looked over it, it would be very helpful to recieve some feedback concerning it. Things that you would like articles on, things that need more explanation etc…

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