Like a joke...

Questions of legitimacy

A peculiar device made out of a mysterious material leads its possessors into a nightmare approximation of what might have been. Attempting to chemically analyze the material that the device is fashioned from seemed to cause sickness in awakened beings; anyone else eerily vanishes.
Seeing an alternate world where the Great War was the last and only world war and the Korean and Vietnam wars never happened reveals some of the hidden workings of outside groups that manipulate the fate of the planet. It isn’t just the Byzantine politics of the Kindred courts that undermine humanity’s progress, but an assortment of competing factions: secret societies of possibly immortal sorcerers and ancient cabals of witches seem to have influence over the University of Houston; while werewolves are virtually non-existent in the immediate area, shape-shifters beyond description vie for control; vampire clans seem to be structured differently, and so the Camarilla Court defies convention. Cities are desperate territories, loosely bound together in a semblance of an organized political structure.
Not all these competing factions are local. At least one mortal sorcerer, Juan Pablo, is strongly tied to Mexico City and the Medellin Cartel. He remains on the FBI Most Wanted list and continually frustrates law enforcement’s attempts to catch him: in spite of being tracked across the southern United States for years, he’s somehow traveled unfettered and has thus far avoided apprehension.

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